Toolpath options in Carbide Create
Carbide Create affords a number of different toolpath options which provide for a wide variety of geometries which may be cut away from material depending on the endmill used. The first consideration is which sort of tool may be used with a given sort of toolpath. Carbide Create supports for the following endmill types:
The following toolpath types may be used with the following sorts of tools in Carbide Create:
    Contour --- square or ball-nosed endmills
    Pocket --- square or ball-nosed endmills
    Drill --- square, ball-nosed, or V-endmills
    VCarve --- only V-endmills
    Advanced VCarve --- V endmills must be used, but there is an option for a second tool for cutting a flat-bottomed pocket which a square endmill may be used for
The following toolpaths are for either decorative or for Carbide Create Pro only and so will not be considered at this time:
    Engrave (Pro only)
    3D Rough (Pro only)
    3D Finish (Pro only)
The most notable limitation is that V-endmills may only be used so as to get a correct 3D preview with the toolpaths which are specifically for V carving --- while they may be assigned to other toolpaths, the 3D preview will not be correct.
Normally square and ball-nosed endmills will have correct previews when used with various toolpaths.


Contour toolpaths follow along a drawn element of geometry, and will be aligned relatively towards it based on path orientation/direction which will determine the Offset Direction:
    Inside / Left
    No Offset
    Outside / Right
Where the toolpath will fall relative to the geometry will always be clear when viewed in the 3D preview, and the offsets will alter the geometry of features --- given a 1" circle cut with a 1/4" square endmill the following dimensions will be realized:
Carbide Create | Contour Toolpath | Offsets
    Inside / Left --- a 1" hole will be made, and a post 1/2" in diameter will be left
    No Offset --- a 1.25" hole will be made, and a post 0.75" in diameter will be left
    Outside / Right --- a 1.5" hole will be made, and a post 1" in diameter will be left
When not cutting all the way through, a square walled slot will result:
If cut with a ball-nosed endmill, a rounded groove may be achieved:
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